18 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home by Going Green

I’ve been busy decluttering the house and have given away and sold three boxes of books and stuff and a bag clothes. Great feeling!! So very appropriate that the daily green sent 18 declutter tips to my inbox so thought I would share these:

  • Think about what you bring into your home – declutter before it even arrives.
  • Put a no junk mail sign on your letter box.
  • Say no to phone books (can do everything on line so don’t think these are useful anymore)
  • Get your bills emailed or view them online.
  • If you need a new computer buy a laptop rather than a desktop.
  • Download your software (you buy a code from the shop) rather than get the CDs.
  • Get voicemail rather than an answer machine.
  • E-cycle rather than have electronics sitting around the house.
  • Use a power board with a switch to turn off all your chargers at once.
  • Read books online or go to the library.
  • Get an online newspaper subscription.
  • Use reusable shopping bags.
  • Get a water filter instead of buying water.
  • Buy a soda stream machine rather than buy carbonated drinks.
  • Use cloth napkins/ kitchen cloths.
  • Snack on fresh fruit.
  • Sell or give away your old unwanted clothes.
  • Give away unwanted items.

I‘m enjoying our clutter free home. Hope you do too.


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