10 tips to help animals

I’ve just become a member of SAFE (Save Animals From Experiments) I believe this is a really worthwhile cause and I have supported them for many years. I got my membership pack yesterday and there was a really great brochure included that I wanted to share:
Too many kittens and puppies – please get your animals desexed.
Buy free range – Buy free range eggs and meat. Battery cages are curel and unnecessary.
Zoos – it would not very nice to spend your whole life in a cage. There are loads of tv shows/ programmes that can show you animals in their natural habitat.
Animal sanctuaries – animals that are rescued from circus, farms, etc are lucky to get a new home. Please support or help out these causes if/ when you can.
Harming animals for fun – blood sports such as duck shooting, hunting and fishing are not very pleasant for the animals. It’s much nicer to feed the ducks with your children.
Rubbish kills wildlife – plastic bags, bottles tops, cans and balloons end up in the oceans where animals swallow them or become entangled in them. Please don’t drop rubbish on the streets/ beach or organise an area clean up.
Adopt a shelter animal – If you want a new pet visit a shelter rather than a breeder or a pet shop.
Go vegetarian – obviously being a vegetarian saves animals but if you reduce your consumption this will help too. Buying free range is even better.
Animal experiments – choose products that are not tested on animals.
Be ready to help – if you see an animal who is hurt or in trouble collect it in a towel and put it in a box and take it to the SPCA or vet.
SAFE also has a wonderful store that you can buy lots of cruelty free products.
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