10 simple ways to live greener anywhere (part II)

Today is part II of the guest post by Paul from babysitting jobs‘ simple ways to live greener series. Part one can be found here.

 6. Grow your own food – If you have room, and even if you do not, growing your own food is a fun and healthy way to live greener. By reducing the burden on trucks to take food to the store and also reducing the amount of waste likes boxes and crates, your garden ends up having a big effect. Even a small backyard plot can grow enough food for a family to eat year round, or if you live in an apartment you can grow a vertical garden along an unused wall or balcony. There are many ways that you can garden, even a window garden can be a great asset and save you money.

Homemade palak paneer

7. Eat at home – Another way to live greener, produce less waste and also eat healthier is to eat more homemade meals. Cooking your own food instead of going out to eat or eating premade meals reduces waste, lowers the amount of chemicals you are exposed to, and also is much better for you. Many restaurants offer foods that contain way more calories than you would ever need. Many premade meals contain chemical preservatives and tons of salt and fat. However home cooked meals can be made with fresh, organic ingredients and for a fraction of the cost. All together it is much better to eat at home.


8. Reduce your use – Everyone can reduce how much they use and throw away every day. From buying things without wrappers or boxes to reducing the amount of water you shower in there are all sorts o f ways to live greener. Even two minutes shaved off your shower time can save hundreds of gallons a year. Get a tank less water heater that heats only the water you need to reduce energy usage and change over to LED or other electricity saving bulbs in your home. You can also water your garden naturally with reclaimed waste water or rain water.

9. Recycle – Recycling and reusing what you do have is a great way to help the environment. Use newspaper as landscape fabric and empty wine bottles for art projects. Use yogurt containers and milk cartons for planters. Create works of art with magazines and repurpose old furnishings into modern staples. Most of the time a coat of paint or a small change here and there can turn an object from trash to treasure. It is all in the way you look at it.

10. Build right– If you are building or remodeling your home, this is a great opportunity to go green. Use recycled or renewable flooring like bamboo. Insulate your home well and use double paned windows to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer naturally. Paint with low VOC paints and glue if using wallpaper. You can even re-shingle your roof with recycled tires or patch your walls with reclaimed cedar siding. There are many ways you can make your home easier on the environment and also more healthy and economical for you to live in.

These are just a few of the ways to improve your live and go greener, no matter where you live.

Thanks Paul for this great series. 
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