The Wicker Basket

I just love The Wicker Basket! Leanne sells the most amazing products; gypsy cream as we call it. I really have to mention her amazing antiseptic cream. We just love this cream and use truck loads of it and just can’t get enough. Leanne’s products are completely natural and not tested on animals. The antiseptic cream can be used on pretty much anything and everything; I’ve used it on pimples (amazing at zapping those little suckers!) right through to John’s nappy rash. We met Leanne at the Gypsy fair about four years ago and have been using her amazing products ever since. I also love her oils especially the lavender and tea tree and use these for everything and all the time – great in the bath. I buy online from her and it’s great to catch up with her once a year at the annual gypsy fair. Totally worth getting some antiseptic cream or some arnica for those tumbles.
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