The journey begins with a pregnancy…

Well it kind of really started about 16 years ago with an article on animal testing but hey. The result of this article was I became vegetarian and a total greenie.

So anyway the journey begins with a pregnancy…

joruney_pregnancy_wasteI decided early on in my pregnancy I would use cloth nappies for Grape and so I read loads of information on cloth nappies (will do another post on cloth nappies another day as that’s a whole other story). My girlfriend recommended a book called The Sustainable Baby and once I had read that I realised that I thought I was doing well in our home greenwise but boy could we do better so off I went changing things to make them more green and sustainable before Grape arrived.

Buying “green” baby products was a no brainier as I’m not into plastic or using a lot of things anyways so buying only what we though we needed was easy. It was a bit harder when I looked at the rest of my home and realised that I wasn’t quiet as green as I could be. I mean we did the usual stuff we recycled, we hung out our washing and didn’t own a dryer, had energy lamps in the house.  The basics right. So I thought I was pretty clever.

Downside and things that needed changing; we owned two cars and used them often (though Mr Ecochick’s new job meant he carpools most days so that was ok), didn’t compost, use disposable products and didn’t think too much about throwing food or other items away. We could only recycled plastics 1 and 2 in our area so everything else went in the bin. I prided myself on the fact we only had a rubbish bag every two weeks so we were doing well right?

Well as I said so the journey begins to reducing waste in the rubbish and in our lives really.


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