Snow days!!!!

It’s been snowing here for two days!!! So wonderfully exciting. It hasn’t snowed in Wellington for 40 years! I just love snow and never get tired of seeing it fall down. I love playing in the snow and so does John! We went out with my parents, sister in law and my nieces to play in the snow. We had a wonderful time we played with the sledge that we bought when we were in Holland for Christmas and yes we had a wonderful white Christmas. I would just love it if it snowed here every winter I just can’t get enough of it. Once we came home John found his gumboots and brought them to me so that we could go outside and play again. Was so cute! He just loves the snow and didn’t want to come back inside he also loved the sledge and didn’t want to get off to let his cousins have a go. When I woke up this morning the snow has almost melted. I’m sad I hope we get more snow.
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