New pantry

I’m SO super excited!!!!
I have the most amazing new pantry. I just LOVE it!!!!
I got the brilliant idea of turning my hall cupboard into a pantry 
The inspiration for the look came from the house of Smiths. 
Here’s what the cupboard used to look like.
 This used to be the hot water cupboard but when we renovated the bathroom we got a continuous hot water system so I had an empty cupboard. 
We pulled the walls out, filled it with pink batts (for soundproofing) 
and regibbed and then NZ Ecochick plastered.
 For a while we dubbed it the reading room! ha ha
We put the shelves in and out, and in and out, and in and out again!
It took so long to make sure they all fitted correctly.
Here’s a tip don’t paint the walls until the shelves are finished and fit perfectly!

 Once the shelves fitted properly we painted the pantry.
I wanted a particular look and used the same paint we used in the bathroom 

(Double Spanish white) best of all it was free!
I love the look of the Spanish white against the white shelves.
 Check out John and Mr Ecochick putting in the shelves.
Isn’t she a beauty!?!
 John thinks we made him his very own play house 
and has spent the last few days playing in the bottom two shelves. 
I just love, love, LOVE the pantry. 

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