New laundry cupboard

I wanted a “new” cupboard for my new laundry but the space wasn’t a standard size so I couldn’t buy an off the shelf product. Also I don’t like that most cupboards are made out of chipboard or other poopy nonwood with no end life except the for the tip so I wanted to buy a second hand cupboard to paint and do up. I found this cupboard with solid wooden doors on trade me. I’m very happy with the result as it didn’t look like much when we bought it.

paint_wooden_cupboardI sanded the doors and Mr Ecochick scraped the edges of the cupboard to remove all the varnish and outer trims. I gave the doors two coats of sealer to protect them. Then I lightly sanded the doors and gave them three coats of white paint. I first used a water based paint on the doors but since I was using a brush rather than a roller the paint marks were really visible so I did a top coat with enamel paint and the brush marks disappeared.

paint_wooden_cupboardWe put the cupboard up in the laundry. We had to pack out the walls a little to make the cupboard fit perfectly. I then painted these white to match the doors.paint_wooden_cupboardWe added the cupboard doors and put some new handles (that I bought second hand) to match the kitchen. Wow looking good there in all its white glory!

paint_wooden_cupboardIt’s so nice to have a cupboard in here with lots of space to store my glass jars, some appliances and my natural remedies stuff. We also added some great cloth backboards to the cupboard.

paint_wooden_cupboardIt’s so wonderful to have everything so tidy and out the way!


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