Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

With the worlds tiniest broccoli and brussel sprouts all in a row. 
Veggie garden is going well. Trying to think of what to plant next so I have just bought some yams to plant. Yummy love them. I think I’ll also plant some zucchinis, tomatoes, strawberries and melons. I also want a feijoa and plum tree. As mentioned so many times I’m not a gardener but thankfully Mr Internet can help me choose what to grow. Check out garden grow to help choose what to grown in our area when. I love this site.
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One thought on “Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

  1. Corinne
    September 1, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Cute Broccoli! I’m just starting out growing vegies so loving the garden grow site. Thanks for sharing!