Lampshade redo

 I was given this cute lamp for my birthday a few years ago 
but it never really went with my decor.
So when I saw some beautiful fabric on sale at spotlight 
I just knew a redo was in order.
 I pulled the lamp a part and
sprayed the base white with my favourite white etching primer.
I masked the cord to make sure it didn’t get sprayed. 
I was very glad at how easy the pink dots came off
with some nail polish remover.
 My lamp shade came a part so I was able to lie it on the fabric
and draw around the shade.
If I had thought about this properly I would have realised that I had to leave about 2 cm extra to allow for the curve of the shade. 
But I didn’t so my lampshade fabric didn’t meet up as it should have. 
I used a spray adhesive to spray the shade and the fabric.
I then rolled the fabric on the shade rubbing it with my hands to get it all smooth. 
 This is what my lamp should have looked like.
Plan B: get out the hot glue gun and some black ribbon 
(yeah for craft supplies). 

 I put hot glue all around the top/ bottom/ seam
then I sprayed the ribbon with spray adhesive 
and pushed the ribbon onto the shade.
I used my cool wooden pegs as mini clamps. 
I now have a beautiful new lamp for very little money  
I only used about 1/4 of the fabric I bought
and a few hours work.

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