I had a lovely day out with mum and John yesterday. We went to Pete’s Emporium and Spotlight. I bought some great goodies. The blue animal fabric is super cheap curtain material that I’m going to make bibs out of (when my snaps machine arrives – which should be next week. Exciting), the wool is for making crochet flowers for a friend’s birthday and the cars material (which I’m sure happy with) is for adding to the back of John’s roll up chalk mat that I’m making so one side will be a chalk mat and the other side will be a road for him to play with – two toys in one. The ribbon is for my niece’s chalk cloth that I’m making her for her birthday. The yellow bean thing is a pin holder with a magnet in it – my sister in law has one and they are great for not losing pins and if you drop them super easy to pick up!
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