Cruelty free wallet/ purse

I love my new purse. Well actually I’ve had it about a month now but never mind. Being a vegetarian means that it’s not always easy to buy new items such as shoes, bags or wallets; these products are often made out of leather or cheap nasty vinyl. So I was super happy when I found this lovely wallet at the cruelty free shop. I had a wallet that was working just fine but it was way too big to put in the little bag I have on my buggy so just a pain really so time for a new one and what a find. The wallet looks nice, fits well in the bag and is really practical. So am very happy with my new wallet. The cruelty free shop sells lots of other lovely things such as cruelty free/ recycled razors, hair colour, bamboo toothbrushes, even vegan condoms! (who knew). The customer service at this store is amazing to say the least. Will definitely be buying from them again (though not the shoes I think they are way too expensive for my Dutch genes. Though if they are on sale I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself).  

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