Chicken poop

If you don’t want to see poop don’t read on…
In the grass the other day I saw some some strange looking chicken poop turns out it was only cecal poop so all good.  It did get me thinking of about keeping a closer eye on how my birds are doing. The chicken chick has a great set of photos of normal chicken poop in case you need to check out what’s going on with your chooks.
I read somewhere that at least once a month you should put a piece of paper under the roost at night and check it in the morning to see if there is anything funky going all on and also the general health of your birds.
Was actually an interesting exercise. I can’t believe how much poop four orpingtons produce over night. I was warned but wow. Positive news they all look normal. Will do this again next month.
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2 thoughts on “Chicken poop

  1. June 21, 2013 at 2:52 am

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