Amazing green toys

Had John’s first birthday party yesterday and he was very spoilt. He got the most amazing green truck from grandma. I’ve had my eye on this truck for AGES!!! It is made by Green Toys an American company that is super environmentally friendly. The toys are made from 100% recycled milk bottles and come only wrapped in recycled paper. On their website it has a counter that tells you how many milk bottles they have recycled to date! Very cool. John ASOLUTELY loved this truck – as did all the other kids at the party – my almost 2 year old niece sat in it and the truck had no issues with this. The Truck was played with all day and was enjoyed by all the children. I will most definitely be buying toys Green Toys again. Green Toys sell lots of other cool toys too. I now have my eye on the tool set or the chef set. You can buy Green Toys in New Zealand from Naked Baby, IQ Toys and Fishpond.
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